Black Rat Snake– or Western Rat Snake, longest snake in North America, lengths of up to 8 feet and are excellent climbers.  Adults have black bodies with white/gray bellies.  They are non-venomous and will produce a musky scent if threatened. Can be found in attics and crawl spaces.

Garter Snake– also referred to as gardener or garden snake and are non-venomous. The most common snake seen in our area.  Brown to black body with yellow stripes down the back, 2 to 4 feet in length.  Babies are born alive, not from eggs.

Copperhead– Venomous, because of the high population of these snakes in our area, they are the most common snake bite.  They have a distinct hourglass shaped band on the back, they are easily camouflaged because of their tan/brown color.  Babies are born alive, not from eggs, they have a yellow tail when young.
They have thick, heavy bodies and lengths of 2 to 4 feet.

Ring-Necked Snake– short, slender body.  Black body, ring behind the head with bright colored belly usually yellow, orange or red.  They are harmless, average length is 2 ft.

Yellow Bellied Water Snake– brown to black body with a yellow belly. The average length is 2 to 3 feet, non-venomous.  They can be found in water and on land near water.

Brown Snake– known as the “city snake” because they are very common in residential areas.  Small in size, 9 to 21 inches, with gray to brown bodies with rows of spots along the back. Babies are born alive, not from eggs.

Blue Racer Snake-non venomous, 4 to 6 feet and can move fast.  Large eyes with great eyesight, they will lift their head above the grass to look for prey.  Blue/gray body with a cream belly.

Other snakes found in the Kansas City metro area are: bull snakes, rough and smooth earth snakes, king snakes, milk snakes, hog nosed snakes, coachwhips, rough and smooth green snakes, timber rattlesnakes, and more.

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