Little Brown Bats are common in our area. They are very small, two to four inches in length.

​While bats are great at eliminating insects, you probably don’t want them living in your house! Bats can enter very small holes, such as gaps and cracks on the exterior or roof, or vents that lead into the attic.

Bat droppings are known to cause health risks such as histoplasmosis which is an infection caused by breathing in spores of a fungus found in bat droppings. Other concerns are rabies and bat bugs.

Call us for proper and humane removal of bats, and exclusion repairs to seal them out in the future, we also offer sanitization and insulation services to disinfect soiled areas.

Bat fun facts:
The legs of a bat are so thin that it cannot walk.
Only mammal capable of true flight
Can fly with speeds up to 60 mph
Guano was Texas’ largest mineral export before oil

Why do bats hang upside down?
One of the reasons is so they can fly. Bats wings don’t produce enough lift, like a bird, to launch into flight. By hanging upside down this allows them to fall into flight.

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