Animal Removal

ANIMAL REMOVAL - Many factors come in to play with animals, and each situation is different. Animal trapping is best left to professionals to ensure quick and humane capture. With animal trapping, sometimes 'Plan A' won't work, so you need someone knowledgeable and experienced for 'Plan B' and 'Plan C'. Sometimes animals are easy to catch, other times it's complicated!

Happy Clients About Us

Honest and legit. Another company had lied to me and said I had bats and wanted to charge a whole lot of money for nothing. I had my doubts about bats, since the critter was making noise at all times, and bats just didn't make any sense. Anyway, all they did was an inspection, but the guy was nice enough to fill some easy and obvious holes, and I am very grateful. Thank you ecoPRO for being honest and confirming I just had mice.


ecoPRO was recommended to us by our pest control company for a starlings' nest removal from the siding of our house. We had a bird mite infestation inside the house from the nest so both companies coordinated to have one remove birds and one do inside pest control after the nest was removed. We had called a bigger chain, but they couldn't come for a week and our house would be overrun with mites by then. ecoPRO came quickly and on time. Ty was fantastic! He cut out enough siding to pull the nest out (no live birds.) The cavity was disinfected and he sealed up the hole with flashing, even offering to paint it the house color. Ty was friendly, confident, thorough, and safe (ie: used rebar stakes behind ladder, wore mask, etc.)  I would recommend this company for critter control.


We recently found mouse activity in our home and they TERRIFY me (too sneaky for me!) We were referred to ecoPRO and could not be any happier. Michael has come out several times and closed up points of entry, and has exceeded our expectations with his work. He has been very respectful of my extreme fear of these mice, and has done everything to help us get rid of them and put me at ease. We would definitely refer ecoPRO Wildlife Solutions to any of our friends!