INSPECTION – Most jobs start with a full inspection.  We thoroughly search areas animals may use including the attic, roof, and exterior to determine what type of animal problem it is, how they are accessing your property, what their activities have been, and how to take care of the problem.  After our inspection we can give you our full recommendations and offer services.

ANIMAL REMOVAL – Many factors come in to play with animals, and each situation is different.  Animal trapping is best left to professionals to ensure quick and humane capture.  With animal trapping, sometimes ‘Plan A’ won’t work, so you need someone knowledgeable and experienced for ‘Plan B’ and ‘Plan C’.   Sometimes animals are easy to catch, other times it’s complicated!

EXCLUSION – Animal entry-points include uncovered vents, gaps in soffits or eaves, missing bricks, chimneys, gaps under doors, holes under concrete steps and driveways, and other misc. holes.    It is very important to seal these gaps and animal entry-points correctly.

SANITIZATION – We can also clean-up and sanitize soiled areas when animals leave behind their wastes, parasites, and pathogens, wherever accessible and practical.

OTHER SERVICES – We offer other services such as minor tree trimming, repellent treatments, recurring service, attic insulation, gutter cleaning, and we may even be able to help with odd jobs and other services.  If the problem requires another specialist, we will help you find another service you can count on.